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On the Hunt for English Speaking Dentists in Tokyo

Date: 06.24.2019

Good oral hygiene is more than a flashy smile: proper dental care is imperative to overall health and requires regular visits to the dentist in addition to regular brushing and flossing.

Concerns about cost and language can make finding a dentist in any country a daunting task for you and your family. Rest assured, though, that in Tokyo most dental clinics accept Japanese health insurance for eligible treatments, and several clinics can provide a service completely in English.

For those enrolled in private health insurance rather than Japanese health insurance, help filling out insurance claims can be found at certain clinics.

So, if you’re in the market for a dentist, don’t despair. There are countless options in Tokyo, so join us as we take a look at three options for those who want their teeth taken care of in English. Additionally, all the clinics outlined below accept Japanese health insurance for the treatments they offer.


Yamate Dental Clinic  

Dr. Nagisa Arai and the staff at Yamate Dental Clinic, located in Naka-Meguro, provide services in general dentistry, implants; pediatric dentistry; orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.

Focusing on early detection, prevention and maintenance, the clinic is dedicated to aiding all patients in their quest for superior oral health. Providing care for the entire community, in addition to Dr. Arai’s English ability allowing her to discuss oral health concerns with patients from the international community, the clinic also caters to the differently abled. In cooperation with family doctors, and when required, centers for disability services, Yamate Dental Clinic aims to make a healthy, happy mouth attainable for everyone.

Children as young as infants are welcome at the clinic, where staff strive to make those crucial first visits enjoyable, setting children up for a lifetime of good oral health. With a history of working with kindergartens and parents’ associations to impart the importance of oral healthcare, and an emphasis on proper daily brushing, Yamate Dental Clinic is a good choice for families with small children.

Those concerned about pain will be relieved to know that Yamate Dental Clinic offers several minimally invasive, drill-free treatment options for cavities. The clinic also follows strict safety guidelines, sterilizing equipment to European standards, and uses low-radiation digital X-rays and other state-of-the-art technology.



Trust Dental Clinic

Using a combination of new and time-tested techniques, Trust Dental Clinic offers services in general dentistry, oral surgery, dental implants, and preventative and restorative dentistry.

The clinical director, Dr. Ritsu Oikawa, in addition to being licensed to practice in Japan, is USA-trained and has been licensed in the state of California. He is also a member of the American Dental Association.

All Trust Dental Clinic dentists, hygienists and staff are competent English speakers, and are accustomed to treating patients from abroad. In fact, the clinic has a patient base that is approximately three-quarters non-Japanese. From embassy staff to those posted in Japan to prepare for the Rugby World Cup and the Olympics to international families based in Tokyo, the clinic is well versed in the needs of the international community.

Trust Dental Clinic, located near Harajuku Station, will fill out forms for those using private health insurance, which patients can then submit to their health insurance company for reimbursement.

Patients concerned about radiation from X-rays will be pleased to know that Trust Dental Clinic uses digital X-rays which cut down on radiation. The clinic also follows Occupational Safety and Health Act-compatible sterilization and infection control techniques to keep patients safe.


HAPLUS Ikebukuro and HAPLUS Shibuya

With two locations in Tokyo, both of which are close to major train stations, HAPLUS specializes in surgical treatments such as implant surgery and regenerative surgery, having performed over 8,839 implant surgeries since opening in 2012!

The clinic’s dentists also practice aesthetic dentistry, including ceramic restoration; and general dentistry, including cleaning, preventative dentistry, and cavity treatment.

While the Shibuya clinic boasts a fluent English speaker as director, both the Ikebukuro and Shibuya clinics have English-speaking dentists ready to treat your dental needs.

Those with private insurance will be happy to know that clinic staff are available to fill out insurance claims which patients can submit to their insurance companies for a reimbursement.

Equipment, technology and surgical components are world-class, and the clinic follows strict European sterilization protocols, allowing patients to feel safe and secure throughout the treatment process. Weekday treatment until 21:00 means clinic hours shouldn’t be a barrier to anyone in need of dental care.

For those considering implants, HAPLUS Dental Clinic’s free consultation and counseling service, including CT-scan, will help patients make their final decisions on treatment options with confidence. Patients will find peace of mind knowing that all HAPLUS dentists performing implant surgery have extensive experience.


Take care of your teeth before problems arise

Even the most sparkling of smiles can have unseen issues, so don’t use seemingly untarnished teeth as an excuse to skip out on dental visits! Early detection is key and is readily available at a number of English-speaking clinics in Tokyo. So, don’t delay: Make an appointment to maintain or restore that brilliant smile — your entire mouth will thank you.


This article was written by Helen A. Langford-Matsui.

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