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About the areas

Each area is classified as follows:

All Areas
  • Kita-tama
    Tachikawa Musashino 
    Mitaka Fuchu Akishima
    Chofu Koganei Kodaira
    Kokubunji Kunitachi
    Komae Higashiyamato
    Kiyose Higashikurume
    Nishitokyo このエリアへ移動
  • Minami-tama
    Hachioji Machida Hino
    Tama Inagi このエリアへ移動
  • Nishi-tama
    Akiruno Ome Fussa 
    Hamura Mizuho Hinode
    Hinohara Okutama このエリアへ移動
  • Tosho
    Oshima Toshima 
    Niijima Kouzushima
    Miyake Mikurajima
    Hachijo Aogashima
    Ogasawara このエリアへ移動

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