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Making Tokyo Your Home in a Hurry!

Date: 05.13.2019

Moving to Tokyo is exciting and invigorating — but can be more than a little stressful once you start thinking of all the nitty-gritty details. Especially setting up a home can be both time-consuming and expensive, from finding a place to live to furnishing it from scratch.

Luckily, there are options that will have you snug and comfortable in no time while you work out your dream home: serviced and furnished apartments.

Perfect for short- to mid-term stays, serviced and furnished apartments provide almost everything you need to kickstart life in Tokyo, and are a great option to get the ball rolling.

While the Tokyo Metropolitan area is home to a good number of housing specialists that deal in serviced and furnished apartments, here are three options to get you started.


Tokyo Apartments 

If you like choice, contacting Tokyo Apartments, a "one-stop housing solution" operated by Enplus Inc., is a great place to start. Their English-speaking housing specialists will comb through thousands of listings from all across the city to find an apartment that checks all of your boxes.

Tokyo Apartments deals in furnished, serviced, unfurnished apartments and more, and they’ll not only help you find the perfect home, they’ll also aid you with applications and all of the other ins and outs of the Tokyo rental process.

For those seeking "instant housing," serviced or furnished apartments are the best choice. Serviced apartments, which not only include furniture but come with a kitchen, also provide bedding, towels, kitchen utensils and tableware, and generally offer a weekly or biweekly room-cleaning service. Simplifying the rental experience even more, utilities are included in the rent.

Furnished apartments, on the other hand, come with furniture, but leave the rest up to you, including making contracts with utility providers. It’s a cheaper option and gives space for your style preferences, but it does require a bit more effort at the start.

Renters can streamline the room-furnishing process with the help of Tokyo Apartments’ rental service, which has basic packages for bedding and kitchenware. Their relocation services are also available to help you set up your utilities, bank account, cellphone and everything else you’ll need to confidently call Tokyo home.

For those who like to choose from a large selection, Tokyo Apartments should be the first stop. With the help of their housing specialists, you’ll be at home in your own place in a snap.

Tokyo Apartments


Serviced Apartments Azabu Court 

Whether you’re planning to spend just a few weeks in the city, or stay for months or longer, Azabu Court is a great choice to get your Tokyo adventure started on the right foot. Think of it as an extended-stay hotel, with a number of great rates and a stellar location.

Located in the classy Azabu neighborhood of central Tokyo, home to embassies, expats and an international atmosphere, and close to Hiro-o Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, an Azabu Court address is convenient for accessing some of Tokyo’s top entertainment areas. At the same time, thanks to nearby Arisugawa Park and quiet cafes, Azabu Court provides a mellow sanctuary from the frenzied pace of the city.

With various bilingual concierge services to help out with everything from posting parcels to sending out your dry cleaning, Azabu Court is set up to make your adjustment to Tokyo life as smooth as possible.

Rooms are also well-furnished and equipped with kitchen tools and tableware, making jumping into your new life a breeze. Even better, the weekly room-cleaning service saves you precious leisure time, while utilities included in the rent saves you the headache of setting everything up yourself.

Serviced Apartments Azabu Court



With no key money, agent fee or guarantor required, renting an apartment with SAKURA HOUSE is economical and simple. What’s more, with a calendar of events to keep you busy throughout the year offering activities such as group runs, karaoke and cultural events, SAKURA HOUSE provides a sense of community as well as a roof over your head.

The real estate agency has over 1000 rooms available in Tokyo in a range of accommodation styles, including shared guesthouses and apartments. Located all across the city and available for short- to long-term stays, you’re sure to find something to suit your needs in your preferred area.

Of course, for Tokyo first-timers, choosing a neighborhood to call home can be a challenge. The good news is that the SAKURA HOUSE reservation team provides personalized service, helping you find just the right place in just the right area, so you can be confident that you’re setting up your home in a neighborhood that suits your needs and interests.

Apartments are furnished with everything you need to start your new life, including kitchenware and a cooktop, and rent includes utilities and Wi-Fi for an exceptionally simple set-up. Staff are multilingual, while all members of the SAKURA HOUSE maintenance team speak English, meaning communication will never be an issue.

So, what do you need to rent with SAKURA HOUSE? Not much. A valid non-Japanese passport, and for longer-term stays, a reasonable deposit fee is all that’s required.

If low-cost and pain-free top your list of accommodation requirements, it doesn’t get much simpler than SAKURA HOUSE.

Whether you’re moving to Tokyo for the first time, or relocating from within the city, don’t get bogged down by complicated, time-consuming, and demanding applications and processing procedures. Think furnished or serviced apartments and hit life in Tokyo running.



This article was written by Helen A. Langford-Matsu

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