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Fish for your own fresh catch in Tokyo Bay!

Date: 08.13.2019

Casting the lure is one of the most popular hobbies in Japan, and families swarm fishing spots all over the country in search of the perfect catch. But you don’t have to travel far to find prime waters. Tokyo may be the world’s largest city, but its coastline is a robust destination for recreational fishing. Although access to much of the Tokyo Bay shoreline is restricted, there are plenty of boats offering guided fishing tours.

Denjyumaru, located in Haneda, is one such operator. They have been providing fishing tours for almost 30 years from the same location in Ota City.

Standing on the dock under blue skies, musky sea breeze setting the mood, it is hard to believe a dense, enormous urban center is a mere 15 minutes’ drive away.

Captain Kenji Enomoto, owner of Denjyumaru, greets you with a smile on the dock, welcoming you to the pier and his boats.

Flanked by the Tokyo skyline—with its ubiquitous landmarks and Haneda Airport—you may feel as if you are embarking on a day of fishing from one of the most unlikely places in the world.

Denjyumaru is owned by Captain Kenji Enomoto, who proudly showed us his boats soon after we arrived. His parents were both fishers, so he developed a keen interest in the ocean and fishing as a child. He started his tour business in the early 1990s as the popularity of recreational and sport fishing was growing in Japan.

Enomoto takes the boats out himself whenever there is demand on weekdays, and on the weekends—when demand is highest—he has several staff who help operate all three of his boats.

Fishing tours cost ¥9,500 per person for a full eight-hour day, with departure at 7:30 a.m. Half-day bookings are also available for ¥6,000 per person, with departures at either 7:30 a.m. or 12:30 p.m., and there is an evening option—departing at 5:30 p.m.—on the weekends. For all tours, women and children receive a 50% discount.

In addition to fishing tours, Denjyumaru provides boat rental for private dinner parties and sightseeing cruises.

Enomoto shows me around his boat. Each tour requires a minimum 3 people and has a maximum capacity of up to 20 people.


Almost every day, Enomoto takes guests out for fishing in Tokyo Bay. On average, he will drive 30–40 minutes from the dock in Haneda to the ocean.

As the boat winds its way through a series of canals and rivers lined with tall apartment complexes, factories, and office buildings, it can be difficult for first-timers to believe how close they are to the open ocean.

Enomoto explains the various devices he uses on a daily basis to detect fish, including radar and laser equipment.


Enomoto tells me that anyone can enjoy fishing on his tours, as he will personally teach beginners how to fish. Plus, the boat is fully equipped to catch sea life commonly found in Tokyo Bay, including specialized equipment for aji (horse mackerel), kasago (marbled rockfish), and tako (octopus). The biggest fish Enomoto has ever caught from Tokyo Bay was about one-meter long!

Specialized equipment used to catch aji (horse mackerel).

Another great thing about Denjyumaru is that you can show up empty-handed. Just bring your determination and an adventurous spirit! Everything else can be rented when you arrive. A large selection of fishing rods and other equipment is available starting at just ¥500. Enomoto has a wealth of knowledge about fishing gear, and can help beginners and experienced anglers alike. Of course, if you have your own preferred gear, bring it along.

Fresh catch of aji (horse mackerel) from Tokyo Bay.

Many participants bring their own cooler bags to carry their catch home. But if you want to enjoy your freshly caught dinner right away, there are restaurants near Denjyumaru that will clean and cook your fish. Nothing makes a day spent on the ocean feel more rewarding than eating what you have caught yourself!

When asked what keeps him going every day, Enomoto said that, by providing guided boat tours, he hopes more people will know that “although Tokyo is famous for being a big city, it is also very close to the sea, with beautiful views and many delicious fish in Tokyo Bay.”

Denjyumaru takes people away from Tokyo’s crowded streets to the peace and quiet of the ocean, and fishing provides a much-needed meditative respite from the city’s manic, non-stop energy.



Operating Days: Fishing tours available every day except Tuesday (Weather pending).
Address: 6-34-1 Haneda, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Access: 15-minute walk from Anamori-Inari Station on the Keikyū Airport Line or Tenkubashi Station on the Tokyo Monorail

Bookings by Phone: 070-3856-5132 (some English)


This article was written by Rachel Leng.

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